Tethered hot air balloon rides – Free

Starting at 9am or shortly after TWO Hot Air Balloons will be offering FREE tethered rides. See the Dairy Fest as you never have before!  How many chances do you get to ride in a hot air balloon?  The weather must be calm with little or no wind and weather permitting, both balloons will fly until no one is waiting to ride. Come early. Like all activities at the Dairy Fest, volunteers and sponsors contribute their time and funding to make it possible for a family to have a super-fun day without spending much money. Doug Rushing Realty is the Premier Sponsor for the Hot Air Balloons. Sign up for a free Hot Air Balloon ride at the Doug Rushing Realty Tent. No admission is charged to attend the festival.  Enjoy!

TWO Hot Air Balloons for 2022

How fun! 

And, it’s FREE…