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Rules & Prizes

The EARTH DAY posters are in and it’s time to pick a “People’s Choice” winner. Most of the posters can be found in the windows of the former Tylertown Florist building on Beulah Ave. with a few at the Courthouse, School Board Office and other locations around town. Take a photo of your favorite poster and upload it under this event post. Please include the location of the poster for others to have the chance to see it in addition to the photo. Thumbs up for the favorites. The student that wins the “People’s Choice” gets $50 Tylertown Shopping Dollars and four additional students will be awarded $15 Tylertown Shopping Dollars each. No cost to enter – please simply upload photos of posters that were created by the students and have not already been posted. Winners will be announced at the end of the contest. Special thanks to Dr. Bradly Brumfield, Walthall County School System and Shannon Fortinberry, Chancery Clerk, Janice McKellar, SWMCC Workforce Training Center (and Walthall County EDA-Aspire) for the “Ditches are not Dumpsters” poster contest and the “Egging it On” campaign to promote Earth Day and keeping Walthall County clean and beautiful.


The student that wins the “People’s Choice” will receive $50 Tylertown Shopping Dollars and four additional students will each be awarded $15 Tylertown Shopping Dollars. The students will be identified by the name on the poster itself, not by the person posting on Facebook. Photos of the winning posters will be posted upon completion of the contest.